Zertifiziert DIN EN ISO 9001
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On 23.05.2008, escotec Lasertechnik GmbH was certificated according to EN ISO 13485. Since then, complience of rules and fulfilment of the demands of the documents have been audited annually. Fields of application:

Development of new laser technologies

Design and development, production and distribution of plants for laser material processing of medical devices

Laser material processing of general parts and medical devices

high temperature brazing

The quality management system is valid to all fields of the escotec Lasertechnik GmbH without exclusions.


Quality management in detail:

laser marking the components for part numbering (font size from 0.1 mm)

drafting the complete documentation for all the individual steps in the process

the welding process is monitored online by special optical equipment during the production phase

a helium leak detector and/or sectional measurements from the accessible weld seam geometry are available for outgoing goods inspection